'Reszyniec' is a comfortable guesthouse, beautifully located in the oldest and the quietest part of Szklarska Poręba. The magnificent mountain panorama includes the whole chain of Karkonosze, Kotlina Jeleniogórska, Rudawy Janowickie and Góry Izerskie.

The house - spacious and stylish villa built between XIX and XX century and carefully renovated - has its own atmosphere.
It is situated on the hilly 2,5 ha area, surrounded by the old beech tree forest. 'Reszyniec' is being taken care of by Ludmiła and Stefan Dudzicz. She is a painter and her intriguing paintings decorated the house. He collects rare mineral rocks and is a fond 'treasure seeker'. He organizes trips whose main attraction is searching for unique mineral rocks and can help in planning interesting walking and biking tours.
The most frequently visited places of interest near Szklarska Poręba are: Wodospad Szklarki, Wodospad Kamieńczyka, Śnieżne Kotły, Chybotek, Krucze Skaďły, Wysoki Kamień (which are waterfalls and other examples of natureďż˝s beauty).

We also recommend visiting antique, mysterious castles and palaces surrounding Jelenia Góra as well as going on short trips to Praha (130 km), Drezno (170 km), Czech's Heaven (60 km), Liberc (Aqua Park, 50 km), Frydland (castle, 50 km), Harrahov (lots of restaurants with typical Czech cuisine and specialties, 20km).
In other words, you can spend your time here the way you like it most.
Please feel invited.




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